Pride and Prejudice Microfiction Challenge 1-5

Pride and Prejudice Microfiction Challenge Graphic
Pride and Prejudice Microfiction Challenge Graphic

I am so excited to share with you a new, just for fun project I’m did for September 2019. If you were following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have seen some of these very short stories I’ve been sharing.  These are called microfictions or sudden fiction, stories of 280 characters or less. In short, stories that fit in a tweet. 

Microfiction existed before Twitter and has often been defined as a story of less than 100 words. The go-to example of a microfiction is attributed to Hemmingway. 

The story reads: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

It is only six words, but tells an entire story. 

For September, I have challenged myself to write one daily microfiction. And when I have five, I’ll post them here! If you want to see them as they come out, check out my social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.)

So far, writing these fics has been a wonderful excercise for getting my creative juices moving in the morning, and I can even see some longer works growing from each of these little projects! 

I made a video for the first one, which you can watch below. And you can read all five stories, with the graphics I made for each too. 

If you have an idea for a future P&P microfiction story you’d like to see me write, drop it in the comments. Also, if any of these little ficlets makes you want to see a longer work, let me know! I might do it (or I might not. I go where the muse leads me, lol).

UPDATE: Every one of these stories are now on mugs!  You can check them out here. 

September Pride and Prejudice Microfiction Challenge, Stories 1-5

Enjoy This Video and Microfictions:

#1 - Year

One year.

Bingley suggested the necklace. Filigree gold & sapphires weaving a rose.

Darcy considered the book. The scent of leather. Passion. Love. Elizabeth’s dark eyes would shine.

Darcy brushed his fingers over the binding. Rose at her bosom, they would read together.

#2 - Kiss

Inspired by a plot bunny from Stephanie Moats.

“Hmmm…,” Elizabeth sighed over her morning chocolate. 

Darcy chuckled. 

Her eyes shot open. “What is it?”

You have something on your cheek. She rubbed it. “Now?”

Darcy stood, walked three steps, leaned in, licked.


“I may have something on my lips.”

#3 - Beathe

Elizabeth will be fine.”

“Bingley, it’s been hours. What if I lose her?” Darcy swallowed fear.

“I felt the same, with our first. Jane is with her. She would not be elsewhere.”

A scream. The baby or—

Darcy leaped up.  

The door opened. “Mr. Darcy, congratulations…” 

#4 - Dance

Inspired by a plot bunny from Elizabeth Ann West.

Aunt Catherine was, as usual, overly solicitous. “I found Georgiana lovely sheet music…”

Darcy’s gaze flitted to Elizabeth. Richard was flirting, blast him!

Perhaps Aunt Catherine could be persuaded to host a ball?

Darcy wished, very much, to dance with Elizabeth again.

#5 - Lavender

In the painting, a girl of five smiles & boy of two scowls. “Your father?” Elizabeth laughed. “You get that look.” 

Darcy touched the girl’s face. “Meg.” He swallowed. “She passed. Fever.”

Elizabeth embraced her husband. 

Darcy breathed his wife’s hair, “Meg loved lavender.”

Thank You for Reading! I’ll have these in a book soon, but in the meantime, every story is currently on a mug! You can learn more below. 

A Mugfull of Austen Inspired Fiction

30 Original Fiction Stories of 280 characters or less. A lovely gift for the Jane Austen fan in all of us. 

I gave myself a challenge to write a story, 280 characters or less, every day for a month. Here is what happened.

Let me know what you think about these in the comments! Also, if you have something you’d like to see in a future microfic, leave a comment and let me know! I’ll shout you out on social media and in the next blog post! 

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